The who's, how's & why's you were just dying to ask:
Who are you guys? Marie & Michael Dick
What is your address,
email ?
East of OZ
P. O. Box 665
Bronx, NY 10469
Do you have a storefront? No
Do you sell wholesale? Yes, email a copy of your resale certificate for more info.
Do you call on stores or designers? Only if requested - we do not solicit or make cold calls.
What is your shipping policy? We use the USPS & cost will be estimated at the time of your order.
What is your return policy? Credits & exchanges only unless error is ours. If beads are not returned in original condition they are subject to a restocking fee.
Do you have a printed catalog? No
Who are Winslow & Lucie? Our webmasters. They also pick orders so watch what you say!
Why do you post you vacation photos? We're too lazy to write postcards.
I still have a question! Send us an email!
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